GB eye 61 x 91.5 cm “Justice League Group” DC Comics Maxi Poster, Multi-Colour

GB eye 61 x 91.5 cm “Justice League Group” DC Comics Maxi Poster, Multi-Colour

GB eye 61 x 91.5 cm

  • Full colour poster printed on high quality paper
  • 100% fully licensed product
  • Carefully packaged to reach you in perfect condition
  • Brighten up any wall
  • Quality images for every living space

A 61×91.5cm maxi poster from dc comics featuring justice league united.

List Price: £3.99

Price: £5.36

Victory for the Comic Muse

Victory for the Comic Muse

Victory for the Comic Muse

1 x CD Album
Europe 20061To Die A Virgin3:392Mother Dear3:473Diva Lady4:174A Lady Of A Certain Age5:475The Light Of Day4:246Threesome1:107Party Fears Two4:028Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World3:589The Plough5:1410Count Grassi’s Passage Over Piedmont3:3211Snowball In Negative4:40Nine albums in, and Neil Hannon’s taste for archly literate pop – and, indeed, for the occasional saucy gag, delivered with eyebrow curled – remains. “You don’t know how much I need you,” he croons, on schoolb

List Price: £3.72

Price: £6.65

Compuclever Ultra Ebook Reader

Check out these comics products:

Compuclever Ultra Ebook Reader
Compuclever Ultra Ebook Reader
Read Ebooks, Comics, Pdf, And Other Document Files Right On Your Tablet Or Laptop Computer. Ultra Ebook Reader Supports 12 Of The Most Popular Ebook File Formats. Promote Ultra Ebook Reader And Earn Great Commissions!
Compuclever Ultra Ebook Reader

DC Comics Deck-Building Game Reviews

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

  • Play as your favourite DC comic Heroes
  • Card combos, strategy and fun abound in this game
  • Each Super Hero has a unique special ability
  • Ages 15 +
  • 2-5 players

Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! Aquaman! The Flash! Green Lantern! Cyborg! The Justice League of America is ready for action – are you? Fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and peace in the DC Comics Deck-Building Game! You will take on the role of one of these superheroes, battling against the forces of Super-Villiany! While you begin armed with only basic combat maneuvers, you will add new and more powerful cards to your deck as you go with the goal of defeating as many DC comic s

List Price: £26.36

Price: £34.41

Trespass Boy’s Zane Ski Jacket – Comic Print, Size 2/3

Trespass Boy’s Zane Ski Jacket – Comic Print, Size 2/3

Trespass Boy's Zane Ski Jacket - Comic Print, Size 2/3

  • Padded waterproof ski jacket
  • Adjustable stud off hood
  • 2 Water repellent zipped pockets
  • Snowbreak
  • Inner ID/lift pass pocket

List Price: £74.99


DC Comics Batman Ear Bud Earphones with soft touch/flexi earpod cable tidy

DC Comics Batman Ear Bud Earphones with soft touch/flexi earpod cable tidy

DC Comics Batman Ear Bud Earphones with soft touch/flexi earpod cable tidy

  • In-Ear Earphones
  • Compatible with all devices using a 3.5mm jack (iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets, handheld games, laptops, mobiles, etc.)
  • High quality flat, tangle free cable
  • Flexible soft touch cable tidy/pod for storage
  • Officially Licensed Product / Official Merchandise

Brand new product to market, these earpod style Batman earphones wind around the cable tidy for neat storage. Made from tactile soft touch silicone rubber with the Batman logo on the ear buds and cable tidy.

List Price: £4.99


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Comic Help You Relax

The economic downturn and forecasts of a recession could be leading people to seek relief from live comedy, club organisers have said.

The Stand has reported a 2% increase in audience numbers overall for its shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow for November.

And comic Bruce Fummey said the crisis was a source of comic material. He has found the financial climate a good source of new material and has a joke about Chancellor Alistair Darling’s eyebrows and how Mr Darling wakes from a night out to find he is missing the 47bn he had in his pocket.

Tommy Sheppard, of The Stand, said: “The rise could mean a margin of error, but there is no sense of people staying away as a result of the credit crunch.” He believed the club had been busier than usual.

Mr Sheppard said: “I would say numbers are slightly up. I looked at the last four weeks and, compared to November last year, we were 2% up overall and 8% up in Edinburgh.”

“There could be an element of people saying let’s have a laugh, but live comedy is also relatively cheap entertainment.”

A few references on the economic downturn have made it into some routines, but Mr Sheppard said economics were not an obvious source for comics.

He said: “A couple of months ago when there was talk and reports of a 500bn bail-out for banks I think most people, and comedians, found it hard to get their heads around that. It just seemed so other worldly.

Bruce Fummey, who is involved with the Just Laugh Comedy Clubs in Dundee, Perth and Stirling and previously in Inverness, said he hoped people fed up with talk of a recession would seek out live comedy.

Just He said: “Going to a comedy club is a relatively inexpensive night out. It is 9-10 to get in and you don’t tend to drink much because you are sitting watching the comedy so the night can work out for less than 20.

“How much would you pay for a meal at a restaurant? And then you go home and complain about the service, the meal and the bill. “

“A comedy club is good value for money and is a social experience.”

In October, the BBC Business website reported how as the credit crunch spread feelings of fear and powerlessness, some are turning to humour as the only escape.

The economic downturn and forecasts of a thomas sabo onlineshop recession could be leading people to seek relief from live comedy, club organisers have said.

Comic Book Grammar


Jonathan Liu of and GeekDad wrote about the place of graphic novels in literature. Liu believes that comic books should be included in the field of “real literature”. Graphic novels such as Art Spiegelman’s Maus are considered important enough to deserve Pulitzer prizes. Yet these novels are often viewed as “low culture” picture books. Liu thinks that this is because the authors and artists of comics do not take their own work seriously and therefore cannot expect their audience to do so.

Liu has read through thousands upon thousands of pages of both regular novels and comics, and he’s found something interesting. While novelists take the time to edit their books carefully, comic book authors are often in a rush to get to print and therefore are not as thorough in their spelling and grammar checking. This is of much concern because this is not a case of “simply typos” showing up in print. Often there are misused apostrophes or even contextual errors, as in the case of “their” versus “there”. These mistakes, according to Liu, show a misunderstanding and disregard for the English language. They reflect poorly on the authors and on the entire genre and create a stigma that graphic novels, or “comic books”, are not serious.

A tool that can help authors of both novels and comic books is WhiteSmoke grammar-checking software. WhiteSmoke is a software that allows the writer to make sure no spelling, grammar, structure and style errors are missed while making sure that the writer improves their skills each time they use the software. Based on advanced technology such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), WhiteSmoke is the only software that provides an efficient and reliable tool, catching more mistakes than any other proofreading software available today. The way WhiteSmoke works is simple: the writer writes, as usual, in any text-based application of choice (MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, browsers…etc.) and when finished simply presses the F2 key on the keyboard or clicks the floating WhiteSmoke ABC button in the document. WhiteSmoke then scans the text and provides the writer with corrections as well as suggestions to improve and enhance the text with a thesaurus, usage examples, enhancement options, dictionaries and more.

In addition, the software includes a Writing Review which gives a detailed score of the original scanned text along with personalized improvement tips.

For anyone who writes, from graphic novel authors to business people, WhiteSmoke provides the ultimate all-in-one solution. 

– A writer.

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Comic Book Collecting

Among my personal favourite pastimes is comic book collecting. The majority of my selection is super heroes. Exactly why do men and women gather comic books?

Much like the majority of young kids, these books intrigued me. Journeys to unusual planets, peculiar creatures bent on wiping out the planet simply because they could, and also the super heroes that need to prevent the perpetrators. If you take all of the factors required to produce a tale, shake and throw the thoughts about, brainstorm and additionally toss in a bit of drama, you then have a fantastic tale.

I had comics growing up yet never ever understood the possible marketplace for them. Occasionally I discover a comic which i specifically recall looking at as a kid and check on just how much its valued at currently. I’m astonished and also a little angry i didn’t continue to keep them. My existing collection started in the mid-1980’s while they were just seventy-five cents. I had been living at home plus I paid out a tiny rent. I happened to see a comic shop not faraway from where I had worked. I strolled inside and entered a different planet. The very best part was the comics which were discounted. I’d get carriers bags full and read with pleasure in to the early hours of the morning. Every now and then I discovered signed copies from the artists or even authors and would purchase those. When Batman and The Dark Knight collection arrived on the scene I got all initial printings.

My own comic selection includes a lot of graphic novels. I like both comic book as well as the graphic novel. Frequently I run into individuals who are collecting comic books and they attempt to explain to me how they don’t read them; they will keep it for the possible price. Whilst I never take part in that process, should you think the comics you purchase are going to be really worth something, then go ahead and do it. I realize a number of my comics are really worth good money however that isn’t considered as i purchase them. If I wish to read a specific comic, and it’s also worth cash, I’ll read it anyhow. It might deflate the value, however in order to reiterate, that isn’t the reason why I purchase them.

A lot of individuals purchase covers for their comics. That’s a excellent thought. Nevertheless, you need to make certain the carriers are acid free or it’s going to have an effect on the appearance of the comic. Keeping them in a cool, dry location is recommended. Containers which are equivalent in dimensions to your comic book really are a wise decision simply because they bend over quickly.

Individuals collect comic books for numerous reasons but they need to understand how to  look after them. The chance of comic book collecting making you any money is difficult to forecast, however it may be accomplished. It requires a little bit of investigation plus some good fortune however the risk may be worth it to a lot of folks. I collect comic books due to the fact I enjoy reading them and figure out how the good guy will sooner or later capture the villain. Regardless of the reason, comic books really are a staple within our society.

If you are interested in comic book collecting check out this really useful site Penelope Lane

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Pixar Comics: Toy Story, Wall-e and Finding Nemo Comics For Kids

There’s no doubt that Pixar’s collection of computer animated films are hugely successful. Not just the financial box office records that seem to be broken each year but with kids and adults. Kids love the characters and the colourful designs and funny plots.

Adults know they can trust the Pixar brand to be both rewarding viewing experience for themselves and their kids. Invariably it means they don’t have to think too much about spending upwards of fifty dollars taking the family to see a movie.

Recently Pixar have joined forces with comics studio, Boom! To continue the stories of their favourite characters in a series of comic books aimed squarely at kids. Many of the favourite Pixar characters have further adventures in these comics and some may even be set before the film in question.

Wall-e for example is the subject of his own comic, the first story arc of which was entitled “Recharge”. The comic is set before the movie when our favourite robot was just one of many cleaning up the planet. The Toy Story comics are set after the first Toy Story movie and continue Buzz and Woody’s adventures between the first two films.

There are also comics for the characters of Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and Cars, all of which continue the adventures of Pixar’s endearing creations. Generally the art work is brilliant and captures the essence of the characters very well. The stories of course keep in mind Pixar’s established lexicon and don’t venture into areas that kids won’t expect.

You can buy all the stories in bind up graphic novel editions which will stand up to multiple readings or the single issue comics can also be bought from comic retailers each month. Either way these are stories that kids and adults will love and, like the films, revisit time after time.

Inger loves stories and loves to write. As a librarian in a previous life she also has an insatiable thirst for general knowledge. You can visit her latest website which takes a look at Playmobil Toys including the awesome Playmobil Pirate Ship.

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