R.I.P.D. Review

ripdRobert Schwentke (RED) directs R.I.P.D., a movie based on Peter M. Lenkov’s Dark Horse Comics graphic novel. The film surrounds a Boston cop, played by Reynolds, who gets murdered and then in the afterlife gets enrolled into the Rest In Peace Department. His mission is to partner with veteran R.I.P.D. officer Roy, played by Bridges, to protect the earth from dead folk who have so far avoided judgement.

With a rookie to the supernatural force teaming up with an old, established and experienced guy it’s basically a paranormal Men in Black. In truth, it’s a complete Men in Black rip-off. Yes its mildly clever having former cops join the R.I.P.D. which is governed by Eternal Affairs, but that’s exactly where the cleverness ends.

Not only do we have a complete Men in Black rip-off, we also have Bridges ripping off another character he has already played. In R.I.P.D. Bridges basically plays his Oscar nominated Rooster Cogburn role from True Grit, but with added hammyness and overacting thrown in. Reynolds is just Reynolds. All looks the part but his comedic lines and delivery go way, way wide of the funny mark. With the director previously directing Red, Mary-Louise Parker plays the R.I.P.D. department boss. She isn’t bad at all. In fact the casting, in all honesty and on paper, isn’t too bad; it’s just the entire films delivery that fails it.

The CGI is awful, the script is awful and its execution is cheap, shoddy and rushed. It flits between repetitive scenes, stupid comedy liners and predictable story telling. With so many comic book based movies getting made somebody here has tried to cash in on source material which deserved better. I’m aghast that this movie allegedly cost over $100 million to make. I have no idea where this cash was spent and I’m ashamed to say it pleases me greatly that it will lose copious amounts of money.

This whole fascination with getting comic book or graphic novels onto the big screen has to stop. If it’s a good idea think it through, write a good script and get good people involved. Make a film deserving of the material, not some 94 minute Men in Black inspired shite-fest like this. Just saying it’s based on comic book material will not get people to go and watch it. The reasons for people watching a film are the same as they always have been. The story, script, cast, performances, screen chemistry, budget and director – these all sell a movie to movie goers.

If this is what Universal Pictures, Original Film and Dark Horse Entertainment think movie goers deserve then they need to lose money, have a step back, re-think and offer us something more deserving of our hard earned cash next time.

One R.I.P.D. review I read said it was as enjoyable as “pouring acid on your face”. I wouldn’t go that far but hot soup in the face would have been welcome at some points.

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